Our Sustainable Promise

What does sustainability mean to us?

At My Vintage Obsession, we believe jewellery is something that should make us feel good when we wear it or when we gift it to a loved one. We hope that knowing we have taken steps to make our jewellery more environmentally and socially sustainable will make you feel even better about your purchase!

To us, living sustainably means being able to meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is often considered from an environmental perspective, but it has a social aspect that is vitally important too.  In trying to make our small business more sustainable we are determined to be kind to both our planet and to the people who live on it.

What we do to improve our sustainability.

We believe being conscious about living within our resources, using what we’ve got on hand rather than creating something new is part of our environmental sustainability story.

  • Our jewellery is made with repurposed and vintage materials that we source from old warehouse stock, op-shops and flea markets. Not only can they tell a beautiful and unique story, they have already been created with energy and resources that we honour in our reimaginings.
  • We utilise broken pieces of jewellery which might otherwise end up in land-fill.
  • Our sterling silver wire is 100% recycled in Australia.
  • Our jewellery boxes are made in Australia from paper that is 80% recycled and 20% from sustainable plantation timber.
  • We generally use compostable mailing bags. Any pre-paid post satchels we use contain 80% recycled plastic.
  • We use fully recyclable and compostable paper packaging instead of plastic bubble wrap.
  • All the items we use for display at markets and on social media are pre-loved, vintage or hand-made and reflect our sustainable ethos.

In thinking about how we could be more socially sustainable we’ve gone back to one of our core beliefs: that everyone deserves an opportunity to be the best that they can be.

Sadly many people struggle with food insecurity, for children that can impact their ability to concentrate and gain the most from opportunities such as their education. In Victoria, Foodbank has been providing food relief to vulnerable people for more than 90 years.

One of the programs that strongly resonates with us is their School Breakfast Clubs Program. In partnership with the Victorian government, they provide healthy breakfasts for students in more than 1000 disadvantaged schools.

That’s why we have now partnered with Foodbank Victoria to donate $1 from each item sold to support their vital work. For every $1 donated they can create 2 meals for someone in need.