Meet the maker

Welcome to My Vintage Obsession!

    Hi, my name is Meagan and I design and make all of the jewellery that you see on my website. My work looks to the nostalgic and romantic charm of days gone by and brings back memories of other times and people through the jewellery that they wore, while being firmly based in the present.

    I started making things by hand as a child and have always found myself drawn to objects with lovely shapes, colours and textures.

    In 2013 I started to seriously collect vintage costume jewellery. After learning a range of jewellery-making skills working with silver, I became fascinated by the possibilities I could see in some of the broken bits and pieces from my vintage collection. Now I actively search for broken jewellery and unused vintage components to use in my work!

    My creations are inspired by jewellery designs of the past as well as the beautiful pieces that I find on my travels to use in my work. Each of my creations is sustainable and unique; made from beautiful and sometimes unusual elements combined in an intuitive and organic style.

    I like to think there is a strong sense of whimsy in my work and it makes me happy when people smile when they see something I have made.

    Follow me to see what I'm working on now.