Meet the Maker

My Vintage Obsession Founder: Meagan Browne

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Hi, my name is Meagan. I am a Melbourne based artist who creates unique items of jewellery by repurposing vintage and found pieces. Since I was a child, I have been making things with my hands, drawn to the unique shape, colour and texture of old objects.

In 2013 I started to collect vintage costume jewellery seriously. After learning a range of jewellery-making skills such as working with silver, I became fascinated by the possibilities I could see in some of the broken yet beautiful pieces in my vintage collection. Now I actively search for broken jewellery and unused vintage components to use in my work.

My designs all have a unique story to tell. They are inspired by the pieces I am working with, as well as glimpses of social history from the time they were made. I am proud that my work is sustainable, and enjoy creating modern jewellery with a vintage twist!

I like to think there is a strong sense of whimsy in my work. It makes me happy when people smile on seeing something that I have made.

Last year I was interviewed by vintage costume jewellery expert Hester Fleming as part of her Vintage Style Seeker Series. You can read more about me and what inspired my work here.

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