Curiosity Necklace Guide

About my Curiosity Necklaces...

My curiosity necklaces are designed to look as if you are wearing lots of different necklaces together.

To create this look, I used 4 chains of differing thicknesses and lenghts and connected them to a textured metal ring. Additional lengths of chain lead from the rings to complete the necklace with a hook clasp.

Chain 1 is chunky, chains 2 and 3 are medium and chain 4 is fine (as seen to the left). To these chains, I’ve added themed curiosities – repurposed vintage jewellery such as single earrings, pendants, vintage metal stampings, beads and some everyday objects such as chandelier crystals and keys.

On all my necklaces, a chandelier crystal is integrated into chain 3 and the pendant is suspended from chain 4.

These curiosities don’t tangle when worn, but can easily do so if not carefully stored.


Putting on the Necklace


Hold the two rings so that the textured side faces you. The chunky chain should be at the top (neck edge).

Pull the rings apart, and see if the chains have become tangled. If they have lay down the necklace and move the chains until they untangle. Sometimes one of the rings slip between the chains. If this happens you can simply revitrive the ring while it's lying flat. 

You will know when the necklace is untangled because the fine chain and pendant will hang behind the two medium thickness chains.

Turn the necklace around and put it on. Check to see how it is sitting and flick any of the charms or pendants into the position you want.

Storing the Necklace

If your necklace is placed down in a heap or is stored with other jewellery it is very likely to tangle.

When you take off your necklace I would recommend straightening it out. Double it up and store flat in a separate box to your other jewellery.

If you have a jewellery stand you can easily store the necklace by hanging it from the two rings. Then when you want to wear it again it should be in the same order as when you removed it. I think these necklaces are a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy wearing them!

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