Custom Orders

Do you have a treasured keepsake that you can't part with but you don't know what to do with it? Would you like to reimagine it into a new piece of wearable jewellery? Be it costume jewellery, medals or badges, we can help you transform your keepsakes into the perfect piece for you. 


Fiona came to me in with several beautiful jewellery pieces which had all belonged to her late mother. She told me that she has vivid memories of seeing her mother dressed up for a ball wearing this jewellery when she was a child. She wanted to celebrate these memories of her late mother by reworking of her keepsakes; not just for herself, but also for her sister.

After some discussion, we selected 4 pairs of earrings often worn by her late mother for reworking. Two pairs were remodelled to hang from hooks, making the original earrings more wearable for the sisters. The white rose earrings were taken from their original clip backs and made into a brooch—a small token of remembrance. The last pair of earrings were made into matching pendants; one for each sister to wear close to her heart.

“I can't thank you enough; I just love what you have done with my Beautiful Mum's jewellery. Thank you sooooo much.”  
– Fiona B.

“Friday I received a surprise parcel from my beautiful sister Fiona with some treasured gifts from our late mother’s jewelry. I recognised the tiny white roses that are now a brooch; love the necklace and the silver earnings. They are gorgeous and will certainly get lots of wear…”
– Lee G.


It’s common for a treasured piece of jewellery break, or one earring to be lost but be kept for the sentimental value. I was delighted to help when Susan came to me with an array of single earrings, a broken ring set with turquoise, and several more turquoise and silver pieces wondering if I could make something from these keepsakes. I worked to redesign these pieces into something she could treasure and love, and Susan was very happy with the result.

Susan wanted to include every piece of her collection of broken and orphaned jewellery into the design because each was associated with a special memory. I used the top of her ring as the focal of our design. I spread the other small eye-catching cuts of turquoise across a silver chain to hang as charms and balance the overall design. Taking the single earrings, I fashioned a bright and glimmering tassel to hang below the focal of the ring.

“You’re a genius!! Beautifully presented photos, thank you, and a clear message describing your approach. I purchased the turquoise ring in Nepal more than 50 years ago and it is just loaded with memories (sadly unfixable but now but with the possibility of life again in a new setting). I love what you suggest. Price quoted is more than reasonable.” 
– Susan H.


Drop here!

We can work with costume jewellery (including brooches, clip-back earrings, chokers, and much much more) as well as other keepsakes such as medals, keys, badges and coins for example.

We do not work with fine jewellery (e.g. solid gold, precious gems)

Most probably! Most of the necklaces and earrings we make are made from broken pieces of jewellery so we have tons of experience working in that space. Also we offer an obligation-free consultation in the planning stage where we'll give you an idea of what kind of reimagining we can do with your pieces and an estimate of the cost to do so. So if you're not happy with our suggestions, you are not obliged to go ahead with it.

Alternatively, if you have a broken piece that you adore and want to restore it close to the original design, we also offer a repairs service. Contact us to find which service best suits you!

We start by assessing your piece(s) and your needs by asking some questions. This step includes a conversation about initial design ideas and an estimate of cost. Often this conversation can be done face to face (depending on your location) otherwise we can discuss on the phone, by email or through zoom.

Afterwards we go back to our workshop and create some more detailed design concepts, photograph them and email you a quote that includes labour and any additional materials that may be needed to complete your project.

If you are happy with the concept and the quote, we will then complete the project for you. If you are not, we keep trying until we get the perfect design for you!

The process usually takes 4 weeks from our first conversation and assessment to completion. Depending on the postage/travel times, arrival of the custom pieces can vary. If you are looking for a faster turn around please let us know when you contact us.

It's very easy. All you have to do is contact us here or bring your treasures to one of my markets to start a conversation about your requirements.