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Vintage Christmas Limoges bracelets

Vintage Christmas Limoges bracelets

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These delightful bracelets have been made with vintage Christmas-themed hard porcelain stones (Limoges) set into a silver-plated station bracelet. These Limoges were made in Western Germany around the 1970s and sourced from old warehouse stock.

I am offering these bracelets as a limited edition. There are 5 different Christmas images on each - the Nativity, the Three Wise Kings, a Herald Angel, twin candles and a candle with a star shaped flame.  Each bracelet contains these 5 images in a different order, so the image is representative of the finished item you will receive.

The bracelet measures 19 cm in length and is finished with a fold-over clasp.

These bracelets have been lovingly made in my workshop and contain vintage materials. These hold some evidence of their former life in a deepened patina and minor wear; I think that is what gives them so much charm.